Angie Arrow

Hello, friends 🍀
My name is Angie and I’m propmaker and cosplayer.
На поддержку Косплея 🌸
Where I can get an exclusive content?
Here, guys!

For my patrons: exclusive photos, fan signs, backstages from shooting ✨
18+ content, nudes and etc photos?
NOWHERE and never appears.
Как проще всего тебя поддержать из РФ?
По карте Сбербанк: 5469 5500 3573 3267
I want to support you $ without subscription :3
I will be very grateful to you! In any case - after support, write to me so that I will thank you!
U can support me here:
Can I make you a gift?
Maybe some of you would like to surprise me? :P
Then here is the link to my wishlist in Amazon ^_^
I will be very happy and will gladly unpack it in my Instagram stories! :3