Julia Guzhavina

Experience 7+ years
More than 100 students
Certified trainer and nutritionist
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Achieve splitst, become flexible and confident.
I will help you to create body of your dreams online
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Splits without pain
Each person has a different body structure. Because of individually created exercise program based on your level of flexibility you will be able to do splits quickly and without pain. Visual progress after each workout.
Healthy back
Bring back your spine mobility and health. Mobilizing the spine,moving the torso, these and other exercises can be easily done at home. Exercises for your lower, middle, and upper back will help you become more flexible.
Smart stretching
Bring back life to your body. Boost your energy and overall wellbeing. Stretching workouts contribute greatly to weight loss and overall health.
If necessary, I can create an individual nutritional plan and advise as a personal nutritionist.
For home workouts you will need
1. Mat (you can use a towel)
2. Blocks (you can use books)
3. WhatsApp and the desire to get better!
Write me on WhatsApp
Write me a word on WhatsApp ┬źdetails┬╗ and set the date and time for the first workout and your personal workout plan to create the body of your dreams