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OnlyFans Promotion on Instagram – A Step by Step Guide
Digital marketing is at its peak nowadays, and you can always find a new way to make money through it. For example, social media is a general and massive threshold to show your products or services. Particularly, Instagram is becoming more popular these days with the benefit of using images and videos. However, some new platforms like OnlyFans have emerged recently which helps you monetize directly using them. What is OnlyFans? And, how can you promote your OnlyFans account on Instagram?

These are some of the questions we are going to answer in this article.
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Setting Up
The first thing you do is to set up your account to see how things are going on OnlyFans. To do this, you can simply create an account with your twitter or google accounts. However, the other option is to fill in the form. After doing it, your profile is set up, but you can’t do many things with this simple profile.If you want to subscribe and share your payable content, you need to add a card and your bank account. In the following picture, you can see what the requirements are.
How to Make Fees on OnlyFans
Your fans’ subscription fees are monthly, however, you can promote them for discounts if they go for a multiple-month plan. But, what’s the benefit for OnlyFans when your fans pay you for your channel? Well, there is a commission that OnlyFans gains for each purchase by your fans. Specifically, you will receive 80% of your fees as OnlyFans collects 20% of them. So, don’t panic if you don’t find your bank account with the exact money gaining from the fees.

You can make money on OnlyFans not only by your posts but also by your messages. You can use the PPV (pay per view) method for these messages. Imagine you are a fitness coach, and some people ask for a workout plan or something in the messages. You can create a PDF for it, send it to them and put a price on it.
Promote Your Onlyfans Account On Instagram
In spite of being fascinating on marketing features, OnlyFans is not as attractive as Instagram. So, what can you do to bring your Instagram followers to your OnlyFans account?
Create Instagram Content Including Your OnlyFans Account
There are some methods you can use for Instagram content to promote your OnlyFans account. The easiest methods come with this idea that you take advantage of clickable content. For example, you can use the swipe up feature for your stories. However, Instagram only allows accounts with more than 10,000 followers to use the feature.Besides, you can promote your account via creating videos and posts subscribe to your OnlyFans without clicking. But, be careful because Instagram is not OnlyFans. If your content includes nudity, make sure to crop some of its safe parts, or cover it by big emojis. In addition, there is no need to tell you not to use pornographic content either.
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