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[{"landingId":917,"id":136,"title":"Best Trading Indicator","addedDate":"2020-12-28T09:48:20","published":true}]
[{"id":114,"landingId":917,"categoryId":136,"addedDate":"2020-12-28T10:17:49","published":true,"title":"Best Trading Indicator","description":"The best FOREX/ STOCKS trading indicator. This AI indicator generates BUY/SELL signals without any letancy. Best used on H1/H4. When using H1, wait for 1 hour time close before taking a trade in the direction of generated signal. When you are stopped out of a trade, Don\u0027t enter another trade right away but, wait for the 1 hour close before taking another trade in the direction of signal. Likewise H4. Just be patience and stick to the rules! One time purchase with lifetime support. Once payment is processed, Indicator will be email. Live desktop mobile setup can be schedule for our support team to setup the indicator for you. These indicator only works on MT4/MT5 at the moment.","price":2500,"currency":"USD","discountPrice":1000,"images":[{"id":291,"productId":114,"url":"/Content/Images/Products/32e1ba88c74c4211a640b5bc8ec94b6e.png","file":null},{"id":292,"productId":114,"url":"/Content/Images/Products/a6a36132be584606a0ad09adec9863bb.png","file":null}],"properties":[],"paymentMethod":{"method":"site","paymentLinkUrl":"PAYPAL","messenger":null,"messengerId":null},"modificationIds":[]}]