Features of the Hipolink service for Instagram

Hipolink is a paid service that creates mini-sites and hypo pages

Hipolink.me is a full-fledged business card website builder that helps expand the capabilities of the Instagram social network profile. Using this service, you can provide users with the necessary contact information, attract a new audience and improve the design of the account. The Hipolink.me platform is suitable for those who promote their goods or services through social networks, create stores based on Instagram.

Features of the Hipolink.me service

The Instagram developers did not provide the ability to display more than one hyperlink in the profile. The owner of an account on this social network can post information that is small in size. Therefore, it is impossible to do more than mentioning one phone number or messenger in standard ways. Services such as Hipolink.me allow you to create a business card site where the page owner can place all the necessary contacts.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to register on the Hipolink.me website and link your Instagram profile. Further configuration is carried out through the "Personal Account" service. The minisite builder allows you to select all the necessary modules and fill them with important information. After the user clicks on the link specified in the profile, he will be presented with this information.

The main functions of the Hipolink.me service:

  • Several pre-made designer themes for mini websites.
  • Default text and avatar settings.
  • One social network and messenger to choose from.

Please note: For a subscription of 120 rubles per month, the user can expand the capabilities of the service. You can add contacts of several popular social networks and use your own page design. You will be able to work with statistics and add videos.

The functionality of Hipolink.me will noticeably increase after a paid subscription. But today there are several free alternatives that allow you to get all the functions you need for free. One service that provides access to advanced statistics and the ability to add multiple contacts at once is Dip.link.

How to work with Hipolink.me?

The service has ready-made templates. They will allow you to create hip pages even for those who do not have programming and design skills. It is enough to choose a suitable template and customize it for yourself. All templates are divided into four categories:

  • personal page;
  • services;
  • products and shop;
  • events.

It is not hard to guess which template is needed for which needs.

After choosing a template and adding the necessary information, you can post it on the Internet. This is done in a couple of mouse clicks. After launching the hyip page, the user can track its statistics through the "Personal Account".