Instagram multichannel is a multi-link service for Instagram. Expand your profile for free

Multilink is a unique service that allows you to replace several links on Instagram at once. Social network capabilities allow you to set only one link in your profile. But what if you need to point your subscribers or guests of the page with links to several messengers, social networks, website or office addresses? Use our multi-link for Instagram.

Why do you need a multi-link on Instagram?

When using the standard features of the social network, each user can post one link. Our multi-link service allows you to expand the standard features of your social network account for free. For example, you need to provide your followers with links to:

  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Vkontakte
  • Email etc.

Spend 5 minutes of your time, use a ready-made template and customize the service to suit your needs. A clickable multi-link will make your profile look more interesting and expand its capabilities.

Please Note: A feature of our service is the ability to set a multi-link not only to the profile, but also to the blog page. This is ideal for building an online store with conversion rates exceeding standard sales pages.

How to use the service?

A multichannel link is a service with a simple and intuitive interface. You don't need to have programming skills to use it. It is enough to register on the site and indicate a link to your profile in your Instagram account. Now you can use the resource at your own discretion:

  • Insert a multi-link into the profile header.
  • Set an external link in a blog post.
  • Indicate links to your accounts on other resources. is a multi-link creation service with a simple and intuitive modular editor. Its capabilities open immediately after registration. A multi-link can be used not only to visually improve your Instagram profile. The service has statistical functions. Therefore, you can use it to collect information about your users. What is especially important for creating selling pages.

Features of multilinks on Instagram

With the help of our service, you can turn your Instagram block into a full-fledged one-page website with interactive buttons leading to the resources that the account owner needs. Need a beautiful interactive business card for Internet users? There is nothing easier than making it on Instagram using the service.

The main functions of our multilink service (implemented through blocks in the editor):

  • Clickable buttons with arbitrary text content and link;
  • Copies of popular social networks and messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Odnoklassniki, etc.);
  • Multi-link for the site header, extending the standard features of the Instagram profile;
  • Displaying a gallery of similar images with one tap (or click) on the button.

Please Note: We are constantly developing and provide users of our site with more and more opportunities. If you need some special function, then we are ready to implement it additionally. Just contact us and tell us what the platform is missing. We will think about it in the next update.

Advantages of the service over analogues

Several services today provide the ability to create multilinks for free . But we surpass them on the following criteria:

  • Really free. We have no paid options. All the functionality of the service is provided free of charge.
  • Simple and convenient. Using the resource will not be difficult. An intuitive modular editor is used to set up a multi-link.
  • Nice design. All buttons will harmoniously fit into your blog, improve the look of posts on your social network account.

Want to open a store on Instagram? Give your followers social media buttons? Take advantage of our service. is free, convenient and informative.