How to open an online store on Instagram?

How to open a store on Instagram and sell products? - extends the standard features of the social network

The Instagram service has long been transformed from a popular social network into a platform for selling goods and services. With the right approach to the design of an online store, the resource will quickly get new customers. With the help of our article, you will learn how to create an Instagram selling account and promote it .

Choosing a profile type

At the first stage of creating an online store, you need to decide on the type of account. The social network allows you to create a regular page or business account. The second type is better suited for an online store. A business account allows you to connect to Facebook and provides the following benefits:

  • Button for quick communication using calls or messages.
  • Ability to create stop words to block negative comments.
  • Connecting PowerEditor and AdsManager tools for effective advertising.
  • Implement advanced analytics for an online store account.

Note: Creating a business account will not create additional difficulties for the page owner. You only need to register on the social network using your Facebook account.

Account registration

After choosing a profile type, you need to come up with an attractive name. Add a descriptive description. The page title must fit in 30 characters, and the description in 150. With the help of our service, you can provide the profile header with an interactive button with the addresses of resources associated with your Instagram profile.

An important point is the design of the logo. It is small in size, which makes it difficult to choose the right solution. You need to think about it in such a way that it stands out in the feed, and it would be interesting for users to click on it and go to your page.

We fill the store with content

Content is an essential component of any online store. As in a regular supermarket, we purchase an item after we see it. Therefore, it is important to provide beautiful and clear images. Each product photo must have descriptions with its characteristics and other important information.

When filling an online store on Instagram , you must adhere to the following rules:

  • New photos should be posted on a regular basis. For this, large online stores even order the services of professional photographers who take high-quality pictures of goods.
  • Create informative photo captions. Indicate product characteristics, prices, discounts and other important data. See how online retailers do it on their product cards.
  • Add our multi-links to display a gallery of similar images. Each subscriber will be able to display products similar to the ones he liked with just one tap.

Insta store is a recent trend. Some products are great for selling through a popular social network, "sharpened" for visual content. Do you want to increase the income of your online store or start a business from scratch? Take advantage of the capabilities of the popular social network.