Features of the TapLink service for Instagram

TapLink is a paid service that expands the capabilities of the social network Instagram

It is impossible to imagine modern life without instant messengers and social networks. But not all of these services have all the necessary functionality that owners need. Various services come to the rescue, expanding the standard capabilities of social networks. One of these services is TapLink. Its main function is to create a multi-link on Instagram. Thanks to it, you can link several addresses of other resources to your account.

TapLink for Instagram

TapLink is a service for business owners on Instagram. Let's say you are promoting an online store, hairdresser, or bakery. But, you want to not only show photos and videos of your products, but also indicate several contacts:

  • email;
  • mobile phone number;
  • social media addresses;
  • contacts of messengers.

This will allow you to get better customer feedback, sell goods and services around the clock, and increase your subscriber base on other social networks.

Please note: TapLink is not the only service that expands the capabilities of the social network Instagram. Dip.link has similar functions. This project makes it easy to turn your Instagram profile into a complete online store. The user will see similar products, and thanks to the convenient filter he will be able to choose the appropriate model.

Taplink.cc Features and Features

TapLink offers a wide range of features:

  • Create a block of several photos.
  • Connecting maps from the Google service
  • Viewing statistics of user actions.
  • Formation of a store with goods and acceptance of payment.

Unfortunately, not all TapLink features are available with the free version of the service. The creators of the project for the opportunity to use 100% of the service's functions are asked to issue an annual subscription in the amount of 3 480 ₽. If paid monthly, this amount will increase even more.

The free TapLink plan offers the following features:

  • A small number of color schemes in different designs.
  • Editing text to generate links.
  • Create a Q&A block.

If you need buttons for social networks, the introduction of pictures and videos into your service, as well as receiving payments, then you cannot do without a paid subscription.

Please note: Don't want to pay? Take advantage of similar projects that provide their functions for free. Dip.link is the leader among such services. The project has similar functionality, which is provided for free.

Difficulties in setting up and using TapLink

TapLink service has an intuitive control panel interface. The user shouldn't have any problems with setting it up. Registration is carried out through linking to an Instagram account. Then you need to adjust the block constructor for the functions that the user needs.

The TapLink multi-link service is an excellent solution for expanding the functionality of the Instagram social network. But if you want to create a full-fledged online store, you will have to buy additional paid features. The free tariff does not provide the necessary opportunities for full-fledged sales via the Internet.