Multichannel on Instagram and other social networks, what is it and why use it?

Multichannel on Instagram and other social networks, what is it and why use it?

What is a multilink?

A multilink is a landing page where you can place an extended description of your profile, additional links and buttons to quickly contact you through popular instant messengers.

The problem with most social networks is the presence of only one active link in the profile and the inability to add a link to posts. That is why you so often see the signature "link in the profile header"

This link can be used in completely different ways:

  • place your website address;
  • place a quick link in the messenger;
  • or just leave it blank.

Agree, in the modern world, one link is not enough! This is why we created the free multilink service.

Why use a multi-link?

The multi-link serves as a single window in which all important information can be placed. For example:

  • An extended description of your profile in which you can answer the question of who you are and how you are useful to your subscribers.
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions before the user contacts you.
  • Post important information from other sources: cloud documents or links to sites.
  • Insert quick communication buttons via messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.
  • Show all your profiles on other social networks to expand your audiences by cross-following.
  • Create a small online store and fill it with goods for easy viewing by your customers.

For each of these tasks, our service has a separate block that can be easily configured and placed on the landing page in a convenient visual editor, and if you don't like something, then edit, change the location, or simply delete it. All changes will be instantly applied to your page. To demonstrate the possibilities for private clients, we specially designed an example: Personal page .

Why does a business need a multilink?

Despite the fact that most businesses have their own large and good sites, our tool is essential for them. Everything is very simple. A corporate website is a big beautiful one, but unfortunately it often takes a long time to load on mobile devices, especially with a 3G connection speed or less, and a landing page is loaded in a split second.

Microlending with fast site navigation will help to quickly and accurately direct your client to the right section of your site. Almost the same as quick links in SERPs. We have built an example based on a bank to demonstrate the possibility of use: Bank page .

Thanks for reading our article! We will be happy to answer any questions in our channel

We will tell you more about all the functions of the platform in the following articles.