Sales funnel using Dip.Link service

Dip.Link is a service that allows you to turn social networks into a sales tool

A sales funnel is not just a marketing term used by large companies to drive profits. This tool is used by managers of online stores and owners of selling pages on social networks . Selling cosmetics, toys, pastries or knitted hats on Instagram? Implementing a sales funnel will increase your income.

What is a sales funnel?

The main difference between selling pages on the Internet and ordinary points of sale is that the buyer comes to the store to buy. A page with a product that catches your eye cannot achieve the same effect. But if we apply the “sales funnel” to it, then the income from one product will be even higher than in the supermarket.

Social networks were originally created for communication of interests. But, according to the latest data from analytical agencies, today about 60% of users go to Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte to get data on the goods and services they are interested in. And thanks to the ability to deliver personalized information, social media sales are now an important part of retail.

The term Sales Funnel was coined by marketer Elias Lewis over 100 years ago. The owner of the company "Advertising Agency" has developed the AIDA formula:

  1. Awareness. Providing information about a product or service.
  2. Interest. Stimulate interest in the product.
  3. Desire. Making potential customers want to own the product.
  4. Action. Targeted action performed by the client.

Note: When using the AIDA formula to increase social media sales, it's customary to add another step - Reach. That is, providing information about the product to a larger number of users within the target audience.

Sales funnel using Dip.Link service

If you want to set up a sales funnel on Instagram , you can take advantage of our service for this.

The first step is to create a landing page . It should contain information about the product. When creating it, use advertising tools. Show your audience that they need the product.

With the help of Dip.Link forms, you can collect data about users, create a database with contacts of potential customers. Our service allows you to create microlending that can be easily turned into a real lead magnet.

The collected contact information can be used to send important information to customers. Marketers believe that having a customer base can increase sales by 2-3 times. After all, loyal customers are able to place an order several more times.

Dip.Link service is able to increase the level of sales through the social network Instagram. You don't need designer or programmer skills to customize your landing page. Thanks to the presence of special forms and a visual designer, almost any user can handle this work.